Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cream of the crap

Last day of walking, a bit sad but still nice. My feets are kinda killing me right now. Everyone are swapping e-mails,phone numbers and all that...

Blei oppringt fra HT i dag, ser ut som di ska gjøre en liten story av dettan.. And I think I got to thank Bjarne for informing them. Thanks.

I wonder if the guys in the band got any mixes ready for our new cd..? Can't wait to get back in 'the Wreck' with the guys and make more music. *Daisy Cutter*

The FanWalkers would also like to thank Rainer, our singer, for the "n guru guru". Everyone is now using it as a 'i dont understand you' phrase. Once again, Daisy Cutter is the best!

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